Why to use GPS vehicle tracking?

The implications of GPS vehicle tracking are impressive. A business can improve security and better monitor both inventory and employees. Navirec GPS vehicle tracking is used by service and delivery companies, construction and transportation businesses.

About Navirec GPS tracking

Navirec is an international GPS tracking and fleet management solution. Navirec is meant for business and personal use to allow tracking of cars, bikes, trucks, heavy duty equipment, smartphone, etc and to give a detailed information of their usage. In cooperation with Vepamon, Navirec  has developed powerful algorithm which helps to detect fuel variation and improves the level information measured by the fuel sensor. Our software has highest security with Thawte SSL connection, same as Banks are using.

Keep an Eye on Your Employees

GPS tracking allows you not only to spot your vehicle on a map, but you can also determine how long a vehicle stays in a single location. If vehicle is not allowed to exit marked area then You will get notified about it. Companies that use Navirec GPS can significantly reduce employee idle time to increase productivity. Limiting idle time can also cut fuel costs.

Know the Exact Location of Your Inventory

Your business depends on your ability to track inventory from site to site. Whether it’s a small cable van making the rounds with expensive equipment or a truck filled with building material, you want to know where it is. With GPS vehicle tracking, you can better communicate with shipping and receiving crews, as well as individual customers. You can also act more quickly to recover stolen trucks.

Find Stolen Vehicles

Navirec offers qualified and trained staff to assist in locating the vehicle in case of theft or robbery nationwide. A stolen vehicle can be very expensive for your company. Not only could you lose inventory, but you could damage the relationships you have with your customers. The more quickly you can hunt down a stolen vehicle, the more likely it is that you will recover missing inventory and restore trust in your business.

How can you use Navirec?

In small vehicles - special purpose vehicles, delivery, taxis, etc.

  • To monitor the working hours, routes and location of your sales representatives
  • To coordinate maintainance work
  • To plan and manage delivery services and the approval of invoices

In special purpose vehicles – excavators, high impact washers, tractors, cranes, logging machinery, etc.

  • To monitor working hours
  • To monitor fuel usage
  • To monitor technical usage
  • As a security function
  • To analyse vehicle usage
  • To identify possible misusage of vehicles

Heavy goods vehicles - tanks, trucks, trailers, buses. etc.

  • All goods-carrying vehicles traveling long or short distances
  • To monitor fuel usage
  • For logistical planning
  • To monitor working hours

All the data can be exported into Excel or PDF.