About the company

Navirec is an international GPS tracking and fleet management solution. Navirec is meant for business and personal use to allow tracking of cars, bikes, trucks, heavy duty equipment, smartphone, etc and to give a detailed information of their usage. In cooperation with Vepamon, Navirec  has developed powerful algorithm which helps to detect fuel variation and improves the level information measured by the fuel sensor.

Navirec has its offices in 15 different countries, among them Poland, Belgium, Finland, Macedonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Nigeria, Tanzania and Bermuda.

Navirec has been recognized as an innovative solution on several occasions both in national and world level. The most prominent nominations being in 2007 when Navirec was the finalist (top 8 projects) of World Summit Award 2007 and 2012 – The Best in e-Content & Creativity – competition (160 other competitors) and in 2010 when Navirec was a nominee in European Business Award ethical business category.

Our software has highest security with Thawte SSL connection.